Brow Tattoo Options

New Brow Tattooing - from $545

Our commitment to you - NO HIDDEN COSTS! All our cosmetic tattooing treatments include your full consultation, initial tattoo day & a FREE touchup/perfecting session 4-6weeks later. We also offer complimentary consultations prior to booking your tattoo treatment - should you feel this will help make your experience more comfortable to pop in and meet Shenae & discuss your treatment plan prior to committing to your new investment.

We specialize in the cosmetic tattooing technique known as Powder/Ombre Brows. This technique is suitable for all skin types, lasting on average 2-3years; and is an extremely comfortable treatment to have done with the use of numbing creams. This style can be customized as soft & subtle or bold & defined; pending your personal preference & we collaborate with you to discuss the best suitability for individual features.

Understanding this can be a daunting process, we take no short cuts in regard to all aspects of the tattooing procedure making you feel completely confident in your desired outcome.

Maintenance of your Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattooing is unfortunately not maintenance free. We are passionate about educating our clients on all aspect of tattooing to ensure you are fully aware of the maintenance requirements. Cosmetic tattooing is designed to enhance your everyday living, giving you that 'get up & go' feeling, whilst also saving you precious time better spent choosing the perfect outfit, drinking your coffee hot and saving money on the daily mountain of products you will no longer require.

Cosmetic tattooing is designed to be semi-permanent and this is why they fade over a shorter period of time vs a body art tattoo. This is for many reasons (all which will be discussed during your consultation) however the main point is that you will require a touchup session based on how your tattoo is holding over time.

With this in mind we offer exclusive pricing to existing clients for touchups within 12-36mths to keep your new brows looking fresh and ready to go on the daily!

Touchup 12-18mths $275

Touchup 18-36mths $395

*If you are an existing client of A Fine Line Cosmetic Tattoo and not sure if your tattoo is in need of touching up we are more than happy for you to book a free consultation to pop in and we will have a look and advise as it's important for your existing tattoo to be faded by at least 50% prior to touching up so we don't over-saturate your skin with pigment to leave them looking like two caterpillars stamped on your forehead!

Do we touchup existing work from another artist?

Price POA

Short answer: Yes... However this is not an option in all cases. Some things to consider if you have previous work:

When is comes to touching up previous work, we must first determine the correct way to reach your desired outcome. This can prove difficult when we do not know the brand or pigment used, or depth of needle penetration.

Style, shape, technique and colour choice are just a few of the many variables we face when touching up or "correcting" previous work. Therefore we request you book a free consultation with our experienced artists to consider your options before committing with your new tattoo.

If we are both satisfied  with the  proposal during your consultation, and feel we have the ability to achieve your desired outcome; we may then book in a new tattoo appointment with you.




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