To tattoo or not to tattoo. Is it for you?

Below are the top 5 reasons our clients choose to tattoo:

1. You 'put your face on' every morning.

If you're spending time doing brows, eyeliner or lips, then a tattoo would not only save you time but save you money. We know quality pencils and powder do not come cheap!

2. You spend time in the water or at the gym.

A cosmetic tattoo is a waterproof, sweatproof way to enjoy your day. Whether you're diving into waves or heading to a HIIT class, if you don't want to worry about smudged make-up, a tattoo could be for you.

3. You like wearing make-up but can't be bothered doing it most days.

We hear this! When life is busy, having time for make-up can feel like winning the lottery. A brow, eyeliner or lip tattoo is the ultimate low-maintenance performer. Waking up with natural features done-for-you is a gamechanger... and it's easy to glam up for special occasions. If this appeals, it could be for you.

4. You want to improve your brow shape or look. Or add definition to your eyes or lips.

Not loving your brows, eyes or lips is a major (and totally acceptable) reason for wanting to tattoo. Having the right brow shape, eye definition, or lip colour elevates natural features and may help you discover a confidence you didn't know you had!

For those of you after the ultimate ‘woke up like this’ look, did you know we offer package discounts?

Discover your savings with our WERKS Burger (Brow, Eye & Lip Tattoos) or BLT (Brow Tattoo, Lashlift &Teeth Whitening) packages.

5. You have a previous brow tattoo you're not happy with.

Have we fixed bad brows in the past? Absolutely. Can we do this every time? Unfortunately. not. If you have had previous work, please book a free consultation.

Things like personal pigmentation and scarring, alongside the previous work, will all play a role in what we can do. We promise to be upfront about what your options are and if it's something we can help with.

So! Do you identify with 1 of our 5 main reasons? Then maybe it's time!