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What our clients have to say...

Shenae was professional yet so easy to get along with. It’s a big deal trusting someone with such a huge facial feature, and I was very nervous. Shenae really gets to know you and what you want. I couldn’t fault anything. I adore my brows so so soooo much 

Soph Sara

What our clients have to say...

I was so nervous about getting my tattoo eyeliner, I mean, I haven’t even got a tattoo yet alone let a needle near my eyeball! Shenae made me feel so comfortable and all the anxiety I had about the process quickly disappeared. Shenae is fun yet professional and takes pride in her work.

Ashleigh Valerie

What our clients have to say...

I highly recommend that anyone "thinking" about getting eyebrows tattooed, just goes for it. My complete experience has been very positive. The follow up is amazing, this lady really cares about the outcome for every client. 10 /10 for quality and service.

Leanne Bannah Ne-Boyle

What our clients have to say...

Awesome Awesome Awesome
Had the most amazing time getting my eyebrows done. Gentle Kind Caring Beautiful Soul. Love this lady. Beautiful Relaxing Space With Awesome View. Love your work. Thanks Shenae.

Jo Rolfe

What our clients have to say...

I had lip tattooing today and I am sooo happy with it. I had previously had eyebrow and eyeliner done with no pain, swelling etc was didn’t know how I’d go with lips. So easy - Shenae is fantastic, the result w is fantastic but... warning Shenae does sing and dance!

Carmel Rowe

Who is A Fine Line Cosmetic Tattoo?

FAQ - Does It Hurt?

As the old saying goes... It shouldn't hurt if you're doing it right! Our Founder & Principle Artist has specifically designed all tattooing treatments and techniques with herself as a client in mind... a complete and absolute WIMP! Therefore, every treatment is designed to feel extremely comfortable. Enough time is also allowed in treatments to ensure our artist is never rushed. The only tears we want are tears of joy when you see your gorgeous new features for the first time!

FAQ - Do You Use Numbing Cream?

YES we definitely recommend the use of numbing cream prior to/and during your tattoo treatments. Not only does this ensure that the tattooed area is extremely comfortable during your treatment; but it also and helps to reduce potential inflammation and bleeding.

In saying this: NUMBING CREAM LAWS: Due to Queensland regulations, clients are required to bring and apply their own numbing cream on the day of their treatment.

FAQ - Do I need A Consultation Before Booking?

If you’re done stalking us & have already committed to the idea of cosmetic tattooing then you can book your tattoo appointment online now.

But if you are unsure and want to have a chat, get to know your artist or feel more comfortable about the experience then we highly recommend a mini consult prior to your appointment! *Note - we alway need to consult if you have existing work to cover!

So are you wanting a romantic first date, or do you get straight into bed?


The choice is yours!

Why Cosmetic Tattoo?

Top 5 Reason You're Ready For Cosmetic Tattoo

1. You 'put your face on' every morning.

If you're spending time doing brows, eyeliner or lips, then a tattoo would not only save you time but save you money. We know quality pencils and powder do not come cheap!

2. You spend time in the water or at the gym.

A cosmetic tattoo is a waterproof, sweatproof way to enjoy your day. Whether you're diving into waves or heading to a HIIT class, if you don't want to worry about smudged make-up, a tattoo could be for you.

3. You like wearing make-up but can't be bothered doing it most days.

We hear this! When life is busy, having time for make-up can feel like winning the lottery. A brow, eyeliner or lip tattoo is the ultimate low-maintenance performer. Waking up with natural features done-for-you is a gamechanger... and it's easy to glam up for special occasions.

4. You want to improve your brow shape or look. Or add definition to your eyes or lips.

Not loving your brows, eyes or lips is a major (and totally acceptable) reason for wanting to tattoo. Having the right brow shape, eye definition, or lip colour elevates natural features and may help you discover a confidence you didn't know you had!

**For those of you after the ultimate ‘woke up like this’ look, did you know we offer package discounts? Discover your savings under our 'PACKAGES' tab in booking link.

5. Lastly, you have a previous brow tattoo you're not happy with.

Now... have we fixed bad brows in the past? Absolutely. Can we do this every time? Unfortunately. not. If you have had previous work, please book a free consultation so we can help you make an educated decision.

So! Do you identify with 1 of our 5 main reasons? Then maybe it's time!

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