Pre-Care Instructions

What do I need to do prior to my cosmetic tattoo appointment?



NUMBING CREAM LAWS: Due to Queensland regulations, clients are required to bring and apply their own numbing cream on the day of their treatment. We recommend pre-ordering your numbing cream from Artisan Chemist in Warana (07) 5443 4075 at least 3 business days prior to your treatment day. You will need to ask for (5g pre-numb ointment) and this can be either picked up in person, or posted to you (allow plenty of time for this).

Usage of the correct numbing cream for your procedure will ensure you have a comfortable & enjoyable experience. *NOTE: you can get numbing cream over the counter from any pharmacy; however in our experience the specific pre-numb we have recommended has always worked perfectly and without irritation.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT apply prior to your appointment; just bring it with you!


Extra Tips:

Arrive to your tattoo appointment well rested and plan your day around your tattoo appointment, not the other way around. As much as possible, try to enter into the process of getting your tattoo with a positive and relaxed state of mind. We understand this can be a daunting process; but we are here to work with you every step of the way!


Please do not arrive late to your appointment! We will never rush a treatment to meet a clients post appointment commitments; so please ensure you have the adequate time necessary to ensure your best results and comfort possible. We do allow extra time during our treatments to ensure we can answer all questions and complete a full consultation process; and in most cases we finish before the allocated time, however this is not always the case; so please take the allocated time slot into consideration for planning the remainder of your day.


Avoid alcohol 24 hours before appointment!! Alcohol is a natural blood thinner and may increase bleeding, swelling and discomfort during your treatment.


If you are sick, feel that you are getting sick, not quite over being sick, or incur any other health issues before your session, please contact us to discuss options or to reschedule your appointment and give your body time to recover before getting your tattoo.


Avoid getting sunburn 7days prior to your procedure


Tip: Wash your hair the morning of your appointment as you need to avoid getting your new tattoo wet for up to 2 weeks. Don’t worry, we will be sure to give you tips on getting around this during your consultation.


For Eyebrows

DO NOT tweezer, wax; thread or tint brow hairs for at least 4weeks prior to your appointment!! We understand that this may destroy your soul, however; we need to see your eyebrows in their natural habitat as to best shape your eyebrows & discuss correct colour options in order to give you the most natural looking & easiest maintenance options for your brows & tattoo moving forward. We then offer a complimentary sculpting service a few days prior to your touchup appointment as a little thank you for going the extra mile!


For Eyeliner

Do not wear contact lens during the procedure or for 24hrs after. Please wear your prescription glasses and bring sunglasses to wear home. Eyes may be light sensitive.


Do not wear eye make-up (including mascara) to the treatment.


If you use a lash growth serum, it is advised to stop this at least 3months prior to any eyeliner tattoo treatment.


Do not tint or lift lashes, or use eyelash curlers for at least one week prior to your treatment.


Lash lifting & tinting services are available to book prior to your eyeliner appointment (at an exclusive price) and can be a great way to give the illusion of mascara whilst eyeliner is healing as you cannot wear eye makeup for 2 weeks post appointment. Please contact us if you wish to book this in asap!


If you have had any type of eye surgery, consult with your physician or GP about how long you should wait before having an eyeliner procedure. (Most physicians are giving a 2 month ok after cataract, lasik, and blepharoplasty. This will require a clearance letter prior to proceeding with your treatment if within 6 months of any of these treatments).


For Lips

Drink plenty of water for a few days prior to your treatment as hydrated lips will give a much better result. You can also do a light lip exfoliation the 3days before your treatment. Wear a hydrating lip treatment for a few days prior to treatment (bepanthan is a great lip treatment and will also be the healing cream you use post treatment).


If you are prone to herpes simplex (cold sore) breakouts it is highly recommended to use an antiviral prescription for 5days prior to and 5 days post lip tattooing. This can usually be an over counter medication from most pharmacies and is not a cure to cold sore breakouts post lip tattoo; however does act as a preventative and reduce the possibility of a breakout.


Bring your favourite lip liner/s and lipsticks to the appointment for everyday wear.


If you have had any type of lip surgery or filler, please consult with the administering practitioner about how long you should wait before having a permanent makeup procedure on the lips. Most are giving a 3 week ok after lip filler injections.


Extra FAQ's

*If you have been previously tattooed by another technician, you must book a complimentary consultation with A Fine Line Cosmetic Tattoo to view and discuss options prior to booking a new tattoo appointment. Please note: We will not tattoo clients if this is not disclosed beforehand.

*You must not have botox/muscle relaxants/fillers within two weeks either side of your appointment. 

*You are required to pre-book a 4 to 6 week touch up appointment during your first tattoo session and if not secured, this may incur additional fees for later appointment times. (please note the clinic books months in advance and we cannot guarantee a follow up appointment within the required time frame if not rebooked the same day as your initial appointment; and/or if your session needs to be rescheduled)

*You must disclose all of your medical history, including allergies, medications, recent and/or ongoing treatments as this may affect the outcome of your treatment (this can be disclosed when your receive your consent form after booking your appointment)

*You must cease Krill Oil and/or Fish Oil, Tumeric Supplements and/or Vit A Cream, Retinol Cream or Rosehip Oil, at least 2 weeks prior to your tattoo.

*If you are diabetic, take blood thinners or have pre-existing medical conditions, you should consult your Doctor and have written approval prior to booking any tattoo treatments.

*You are unable to be tattooed whilst pregnant. If you are breast feeding, it is recommended to express 24 hours pre & post treatment.

*If you are on any acne control medications such as Roaccutane, Accutane, Isotretinoin, or Doxycycline, I am unable to proceed with this treatment unless previously discussed with A Fine Line Cosmetic Tattoo & have written doctor approval.  

*For safety reasons we respectfully request you do not bring children to your appointment.

*YOUR MUST BE OVER 18YR FOR ANYTATTOOING TREATMENTS IN QLD! Written parental consent is not legal in QLD.



So; if you have any questions prior to or post treatment please contact us at any time! We are so excited to work with you and look forward to treating you soon! xx