Do You Use Numbing Cream?

Short answer: YES we definitely recommend the use of numbing cream prior to your tattoo treatment commencing. Not only does this ensure that the tattooed area is extremely comfortable during your treatment; but it also and helps to reduce potential inflammation and bleeding.

In saying this:

NUMBING CREAM LAWS: Due to Queensland regulations, clients are required to bring their own numbing cream on the day of their treatment.

You can purchase numbing cream over the counter at any pharmacy (either EMLA or NUMBIT) however if you prefer something that's double the strength but similar pricing then we highly recommend pre-ordering your numbing cream from a compounding pharmacy!

These are our two recommended compounding pharmacies located on the Sunshine Coast. Both cost $15 however you need to PRE-ORDER this at least 3days prior to your appointment so they have ample time to dispense.

Artisan Chemist Compounding Pharmacy in Warana (07) 5443 4075

Peregian Springs Compounding Pharmacy (07) 5471 2011

You will need to ask for (5g pre-numb ointment) and this can be either picked up in person, or posted to you (allow plenty of time for this). 

This is the same numbing ointment for brows, eyeliner & lip blush and will ensure you have a very comfortable & enjoyable experience!

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT apply prior to your appointment; just bring it with you!

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