After-care Instructions

What do I need to do for aftercare with cosmetic tattoo?


After care is the most important step to protecting the longevity of your new investment. Please read carefully and follow instructions for maintenance as to prevent loss of colour and shape.


Cosmetic tattooing will ultimately fade over time but the key is to have this happen naturally. Some lifestyle factors may also alter the outcome of your tattoo so it is important to take note below of key elements to avoid where possible.


NOTE: Colour in all areas may fade up to 60% after initial treatment, and this is why the touch up perfection visit in 4-6weeks is crucial to your final outcome. It is at this time that we can revisit colour, shape, etc to give you your ultimate results. This will be pre-booked in with you during your first session. (** should you require an additional touchup appointment this will be charged at $100 if complete within the following 4-6weeks touchup; or $200 if up to 6months post your initial 4-6weeks touchup service. This will be discussed with you during your consultation if your artist feels this is a potential/likely outcome).



It is vital to avoid the following for up to 2 weeks post treatment:


Ø NO WETTING TREATED AREA! This includes excessive exercise & sweating


Ø No make-up to be applied directly to the treated area


Ø No sun, soap, sauna, chlorinated pools or salt water


Ø No hair removal or tinting treatments until 2 week after your touchup appointment!


Ø If the area becomes itchy, this is normal. Don’t scratch the area.



Ø Ensure your healing cream (provided) is applied minimum morning and night (also during day if skin is extremely dry)


We will cover the in’s & out’s of your aftercare in detail at your session; however; these are the key points to be prepared for. Consider these main points; especially if you have any major events or holidays planned within the 4-8week treatment plan.



Following your initial treatment day; you will be required to attend a touchup appointment 4-6weeks later. This is to perfect colour and shape to ensure longevity of your new investment.

Thereafter; we recommend annual touchup appointments which you can book online at an exclusive price from 12-36mths. (**for existing clients only - all new clients with previous PMU work must book a complimentary consultation prior to booking a tattoo touchup.)




So; if you have any questions prior to or post treatment please contact us at any time! We are so excited to work with you and look forward to treating you soon! xx